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      事務所 Office

      ? 重塑傳統空間活力:從事傳統文化與現代文明融合的建筑空間實踐,致力于舊城、傳統村落、歷史街區在新時代功能要求下的適應性改造設計,探究非物質文化遺產在城鄉生活中的延續方式。通過保護與革新,彌補并重塑沒落傳統空間片段的活力。體現完整的城鄉文化生命線。以規劃、建筑、景觀、室內、現代藝術品等多角度,以前期策劃、規劃設計、施工輔助、使用評估等全過程,提供一體化解決方案,凸顯其地域、文化特性。
      ? 再造新型空間載體:嘗試新的空間和行為組織形式,從材料、構造、工藝、視覺傳達等層面,尋找并再造新的廣義空間場域,諸如商業場景、藝術展覽、公共活動、工業化產品,不拘泥于常規建筑的時空范疇。結合建筑與新科技、多媒體,形成可推而廣之的實施方案。

      Zen-In Architects, found in 2015, is an innovative and pragmatic design firm, which main direction of work revolves around two key words: Renewal and Innovation.
      ? Renewal: We explore the social significance and spatial spirit of architecture in the urban dimension, and devote to the adaptable transformation design of old cities, traditional villages and towns, historical blocks and industrial heritage areas under the requirements of new industrial functions. Through the protection and innovation of the integration of historical culture and scientific and technological life, we can make up for and rebuild the vitality of the declining traditional space fragments. From the perspective of planning, architecture, landscape, interior and modern works of art, we provide integrated solutions to the whole process of planning, planning and design, construction assistance and use evaluation, highlighting its regional and cultural characteristics.
      ? Innovation: We attempt to find new spatial forms and behavioral organization in order to reconstruct new broad space fields, such as commercial scenes, art exhibitions, public activities and industrial products, from the aspects of materials, structure, technology and visual communication, without sticking to the space-time category of standard buildings. Combining architecture with new technology and multimedia, the implementation scheme can be popularized.

      聯合創始人 Co-Founder

      沈圣喆     Shen Shengzhe

      Shen Shengzhe, Master of Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts. He has mainly engaged in the adaptive renovation design of historical cultural blocks, traditional villages and industrial heritage areas, as well as the integrated design of architecture, interior and landscape of boutique hotels,homestay, cultural and artistic spaces.
      劉 鈺     Liu Yu

      Liu Yu, Master of Architecture, Beijing University of Architecture. He has always been concerned about the relationship between architecture and place, architecture and other disciplines. Practice involves architectural design, product design, Internet and Exhibition fields. .

      團隊 Team

      合作伙伴 Partner

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